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ACS and ARCA Sustainability are Eastern European initiatives built
adapt FDI to the local environment, collaborate with corporations in their ambitions to achieve their goals in a precise legal and regulatory environment, and help the public system provide the right tools for precise business development on medium-term success strategies and long.

Starting today, our main focus is in Romania, where we are engaged in the inter-institutional effort to develop a National Strategy for Hydrogen. Our ambition is to highlight this valuable gas as a catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution. We are involved in the promotion of any sustainable energy source for manufacturing and service industries, currently narrowing our involvement to sustainable infrastructure, construction, transport and logistics with roadshow events in several centers of interest throughout the varied geography of Romania.

I warmly invite you to join or follow our efforts to promote sustainable development in a region that is a clean camp for prolific business development, for domestic consumption and exports to the European Union or abroad.
For a sustainable tomorrow.


President of the association