The HYDROGEN initiative

Join us, fuel the future

ACS is engaged in drafting the National Strategy for Hydrogen, as one of the two NGOs invited to the effort by the Ministry of Energy. Moreover, we are permanent members of inter-ministerial work-groups for the new legal framework of sustainable fuels. Our expertise  takes us on the road to deliver knowledge in key transportation hubs, where we promote sustainable development of infrastructure, green machinery and vehicles, and sustainable management with digital tools, on behalf of our corporate partners and sponsors.  

We have accepted as our mission to promote the “Hydrogen Valley” concept, where strategic intersections of multi-modal transportation hubs can accommodate the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis, the distribution of the gas to processing plants or final clients, the production of by-products (synthetic fuels, hydrogen fuel cells, agriculture products, industrial components, etc) that can be easily transported to the end users. The Hydrogen Valley is the most realistic implementation of Industry 4.0, in its entirety, linking together industry, transportation, smart management, community awareness and end-user care by means of fully complying with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (link). Steam Methane Reformers with carbon capture technology must be implemented on this Hydrogen Valley Network and innovative transportation solutions for the hydrogen gas must be promoted for the fast adoption of this sustainable fuel. 

We are aiding, by means of knowledge and expertise, in overlaying multiple strategies from diverse governmental stakeholders, such as the Intelligent Transportation Systems National Strategy, the Regional Plans for Development, the Transportation Masterplan, the Energy Grid reports and strategies, the requirements of local economic stakeholders and decentralized governmental bodies for an optimum National Hydrogen Strategy that suits both the demanding and the offering side of the industry, with supply chains in the centre.  


Our experts are members of governmental committees in digitalization, intelligent transportation systems, public transportation, energy, fiscal and financial initiatives, and come from high level positions in private and public offices. 


ACS is founded with Linde, Messer, Intergas, as main players in sustainable fuels on the Romanian market. SolarisBus has joined the association as a transportation provider, and we are in advanced procedures for joining, with Cobus-Gaetano and Mercedes Bus. On legal, procedural and quality assurance, Ijdelea & Associates, Avangarde Safety and Inaq Consulting are founding members of the association. KonnectCity and RomKonnect have joined to provide knowledge to the digitalization efforts for sustainable management. 

Our association is taking the projects further with the Sustainability ARK (ARCA) (link la news) Initiative, diverging from the initial goal to focus solely on sustainable fuels. 

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