The GAS Initiative

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European Union lawmakers voted in 2022 in favor of defining natural gas as a sustainable and green source of energy, paving the way for member states to unlock billions of Euro from private investments, state subsidies and European funds for gas projects to fuel industries and transportation.  


Rules go into effect in 2023, with heavy support from Germany and France, and to the benefit of all 27 Union members. Natural gas, even though a fossil fuel made of methane, that continues to contribute to the climate crisis, has a substantial role in the transition to renewable energy, as it emits less carbon dioxide than coal 



The Sustainable Fuels Association is proactive in promoting natural gas as a sustainable resource for industries and transportation, as well as to produce green hydrogen, with carbon capture in the Steam Methane Reform process.  


With sustainable development in mind, we are on a mission to promote business continuity to meet the Net 0 carbon emissions targets. ACS firmly believes in and promotes the argument that “aggressive change tactics will only generate resilience and refusal of progress towards the sustainability targets”. Therefore, we will continue our mission with a strong message of support in the direction of natural gases as a transition fuel, with substantially lower emissions and immediate benefits for the communities that develop their economies on.  

ACS promotes circular economy projects, such as that of our associate Intergas Romania (link după ce-i faci site-ul), that successfully managed to upcycle a Diesel Euro 3, 700.000km, 10-year-old used bus from the Bucharest public transportation fleet, into a Euro 6 CNG modernized model that can easily function for another 10 years in the benefit of the community, for half the costs of the acquisition of a new model (price adjusted to a firm order for a scaled operation). Such initiatives and efforts are encouraged and promoted by ACS as a transition strategy to new standards, such as those that are being refined and tested at this precise moment, involving hydrogen fuel cells and new battery technology for machines that will be acquired in the medium to long term timeline and financial horizon.  


ACS has been invited to participate in the technical proceedings of the Committee for Industries and Services in the Parliament of Romania, to provide technical assistance in the drafting of legislation for sustainable/alternative energy resources and energy efficiency.  


ACS is part of the Ministerial Committee and working groups for sustainable/alternative energy resources, in the Romanian Ministry of Energy 


ACS is part of the Inter-ministerial Committees and working groups for sustainable/alternative energy resources, contributing together with the Alternative Fuels Directorate in the Romanian Ministry of Energy.  


Ijdelea & Associates, the leading legal advisor on the energy industry in Romania, and amongst the leading experts in the European Union, on issues of natural gas legislation, norms and applicability, is an active member of ACS. 

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